PSI-200KW Thermal Receiver

The PS-200KW Thermal Receiver is designed to heat water for use in commercial and industrial heating and cooling applications. Up to 200 PSI-1KW heliostats can direct up to 200 kilowatts of solar thermal power onto the 1220 cm x 1220 cm front surface of the receiver.

The PS-200KW is comprised of four identical sections, each section being 610 cm on a side. The sections are arranged to form a single receiver target of about 1.5 square meters. The receiver sections are machined from a single aluminum plate, allowing very high internal surface area, and thermal heat transfer performance.


  • Maximum Input Power: 200 KW (200 PSI-1KW heliostats)
  • Minimum Water Flow Rate at Maximum Input Power: 36 Liters/minute per section. Proportionally less flow rate for fewer heliostats.
  • Heat Transfer Efficiency: >95%
  • In concentrated solar applications requiring fewer than about 30 PSI-1KW heliostats, only a single section of the PSI-1MW thermal receiver is required. Flow rate can be reduced to 22 Liters/minute.

Diagram of the PSI-200 Thermal Receiver